How to start a flower business online?

If you are looking for a gift that can easily surprise people from any age group, a bouquet can do the job. Not only that, adding flowers to your room décor can make your party hall stand out! If you own flower business, you have huge potential for expansion and this is why you should start your services online as well.

What is a flower business?

The flower business is a licensed business where you collect fresh flowers from farms and supply these to customers who require them.

It involves flower handling, caring, designing, cutting, and arranging. For your business to stand out from the crowd, you must provide the widest of varieties in flower color and size without compromising the quality.

Steps to start a flower business online.

Establishing an online floristry isn’t too back-breaking if you do it the right way. Here are some simple steps and tips to guide you through it.

1.Floral Arrangement Knowledge.

For your flower business to blossom into what you’ve always wanted it to be, it is pivotal that you have the best suppliers in town. Finding the right suppliers can take a lot of market research and time, but in the end, it is going to be worth it. Having a consistent and premium quality supplier can act as a backbone to your business.

It is also important for your team to have a master florist because no one can understand floral arrangements as well as they do. Be it for a sick friend or partner, a florist can cater to the needs of the customer all thanks to their deep knowledge about flowers. Experienced florists can elevate the beauty of flower decorations and make them more appealing.

2.Do Market research and find your Niche.

The growth of your business can largely depend on the number of customers you serve. To serve more customers, you should be fit to serve their exact requirements. So before you set up a flower shop, you need to be well-versed with the floral needs of people from that particular area.

Accurate research needs to be done on the prominent celebrations and festivals of the geographical area of your interest along with data regarding the climatic and weather conditions to better understand the type of flowers that can better suit that area. In case of places with adverse climatic conditions, your store should be equipped to provide them with dried flowers or artificial flowers. The dried flower business is a not-so-explored area in floristry that can open doors to huge expansions in your flower business.

3.Good business model

Having a good business model can help you have better insights into your company and understand its working better. It also gives your business a competitive edge and a better structure. Collecting data and analyzing them with proper vision can help derive a finance model that best fits your business. Also, regularly monitor the stocks and staff performance.

4.Branding and design.

Branding is the soul of any business. With so many competitor businesses around us, you need to be more than prepared with excellent branding strategies and ideas to make sure your company has greater advantages.

Be on point with everything ranging from your company logo to your tagline, targeting the exact audience. Make sure you have mechanisms to brand your venture in a way that's on par with the current trends.

5.Online presence.

In this digital era, taking your store online gives you a boost in customer count. With apps like takemyorder, building a convincing and promising online presence for your flower business is now easier and cheaper than ever. Their team lets you have the online store of your dreams come true.


Online shopping makes it more convenient for people to find better options for a product. With the rising number of flower shops, it is crucial for you to market your products right. You might have flowers that are rare and beautiful as the water lily but your success lies in letting your customers know that they can find them in your online flower business. So if your store has the infamous tuberose, Indian lotus, or Siroi lily, make sure you market it right and make the customers aware.

Supplying flowers at weddings and functions can be a game-changer for your business because so many potential customers visit these functions. So grasp your opportunities and utilize them right.

7.Packaging and quality.

Flowers don't do their job if they are wilted and decayed. For a flower business to be perfect, it's beyond essential that the flower remains fresh and long-lasting and this goes without saying your packaging should be lightweight, non-damaging, and environment-friendly. Also, the quality of the material used for packing must be checked and verified to make them stand out.

8.Shipping and delivery.

People will always fall for stores that have fresh and beautiful flowers delivered to their doorstep. Find staffs that can deliver your product with no damages and on time.

The beauty of products is a significant element in the flower business and the more you manage to preserve it, the more satisfied the customer will be. Make sure your shipping and flower delivery is prompt and perfect to impress the customers

Fahmidha Nelliyeri

Fahmidha Nelliyeri

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